Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The LandBarge Diner

OK, so every now and then I have a silly idea that I can't afford to follow through on, and consequently will most likely never happen. One of those ideas that comes up quite frequently, is for a all hours / late night burger joint in Perth. The working title for this establishment is The LandBarge Diner.

The LandBarge Diner is inspired by classic American establishments such as In'n'Out Burger, Bob's Big Boy Broiler, Mel's Drive In and local legends including Bernie's Burgers, Van Eileen Eats and Alfred's Kitchen. At the moment, the only plans for The LandBarge Diner are in my head, but the general idea is to create a venue where car enthusiasts are welcome to eat and socialise after work or late at night, with a carpark that is large enough to incorporate both a covered service area, where carhops will serve customers and an open section where customers can park their cars and eat in the restaurant or, on cruise nights, check out some of the other cars present. I see a late night, car friendly diner as essential to the development of the car culture in Perth, and hope to create an environment where everyone can feel welcome, no matter what they drive or ride.